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In 1995 TEAM Services made a commitment to client-server architecture in lieu of the peer-to-peer PC networks that were prevalent.
  peer-to-peer client-server
We modeled a vision after IBM mainframes, believing contained programs and data at a single source was most effective.
Our vision and development coincided with the evolution of internet technology, and we leveraged it as follows:
In 1998-2001, we developed applications to access the corporate server using the new programming language "Java" and Java Applets.
In 2000-2005, we developed applications using the IBM technology Java Server Pages (JSP) on the client end, and Java Servlets at the server to execute server-side business logic. We also began development using Crystal Reports technology, as well as laboratory equipment data acquisition systems using standard RS-232 communications.
In 2006 we began development using a combination of Java, Java Script, and the new Microsoft .NET framework using programming languages C#.NET (C-sharp) and Visual Basic.NET.
Our current IT assets include an online enterprise Lab Management System that provides data management for projects and quality control. We have data and web servers at multiple locations, which are accessed through high speed fiber optic networks. This allows data redundancy and off-site backups, protecting TEAM Services' and our client's IT assets.
This complete system is founded on an IBM DB2 corporate database and is the leader in our industry.
We continue development of data acquisition and processing programs used with laboratory testing equipment. These programs are specific to geotechnical testing, are licensed to major manufacturers, and are in use worldwide.