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TEAM Services is dedicated to high quality, timely and thorough services in materials, geotechnical engineering, construction testing, and special inspections for owners, designers and contractors. Our firm is wholly owned and operated by employees. TEAM Services operations are centered in Des Moines, Iowa with branch offices in Fort Dodge, Cedar Rapids, Mason City, Davenport, Spirit Lake, Evansdale (Waterloo), Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska.
TEAM Services’ philosophy represents a departure from the traditional consultant and testing laboratory role. In the spirit of "Partnering", TEAM Services uses engineering and scientific capabilities to help foresee critical phases of projects and provide timely and practical engineered solutions. Clear communication of goals to contractors and prompt feedback to foremen and workers "on-site" makes us an effective management and quality assurance tool for contractors, designers, and owners.
TEAM Services is internationally accredited by A2LA. This program involves implementation of a significant, documented, internal and external quality program as well as independent audit of our procedures and systems as required by ISO Guide 17025. Our quality system is ISO 9000 Series compliant and is internationally recognized. We participate in both CCRL and AMRL proficiency testing programs. Our testing is performed with calibrated equipment with calibrations of force, weight, length, time and temperature traceable to NIST standards. TEAM Services is also validated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and based upon our ISO Guide 17025 accreditation is accepted by the Federal Aviation Administration. TEAM Services is prequalified by the Iowa Department of Transportation for various categories of work.
Five key advantages of TEAM Services which sets us above the competition are:
Quality - Experienced staff with the dependability of TEAM-work that you can trust. Our knowledge, accreditations and certifications are second to none.
In house engineering testing capabilities - The most capable in-house geotechnical testing of any geotechnical consultant in Iowa. Formal in-house training, six consolodometer stations, direct shear, thermal resistivity, and several permeability testing alternatives and advanced soil testing. The engineers who are conducting these types of tests are the same ones who are analyzing the projects, allowing the reporting engineer to have hands-on interaction with the subject samples and testing. Where other companies provide conservative assumptions, we can provide dependable, calculated values.
Service to our clients - We go the extra mile to meet the client's needs. We will re-evaluate conditions, hasten reports, and take the extra time to provide good communication. We are receptive to what needs to be done to keep a project moving along with good communication and economy.
Value engineering - Evaluating projects is centered around meeting project needs while saving the owner money and schedule, in contrast to other companies that embrace over-conservatism in order to accept no risk, seemingly regardless of whether or not the risk is reasonable or how expensive the ramifications may be. Over-conservatism is expensive and time consuming. We choose to avoid that culture. If we aren't striving to provide value for our clients then we aren't doing our job.
Quick turn-around time for results and reports – Clients currently have the ability to access timely test results online. We are continually adapting and improving to keep current with changing technology.
Our continued effort at improvement in Quality and Service include the following:
TEAM Services trains continually, using internal work review policies and a formal training program. TEAM Services personnel routinely maintain certification as materials testers with ACI, the Iowa Department of Transportation, along with the appropriate environmental safety training and certification with other state and national agencies.
The heart of any consulting organization is its staff. Our engineering technicians, professional, and support staff possess many years’ experience. The high level of education, experience and background of our personnel, coupled with our "Partnering" approach, gives us the edge.
Test reports are automatically emailed as soon as they are approved. Your replies and feedback to these emails provide response times to your questions and concerns that are unprecedented in our industry. This feedback is enhanced with our technology that all reporting and documentation is uploaded to our central server before a technician leaves the job site. You can review your test data and project budgets online as it is actually happening.
All computer applications are developed in-house; therefore, custom solutions can be developed specifically for your project. You can gain further understanding of these and other capabilities by visiting our web site.
Drilling management assures adherence to TEAM Services quality program. Our fleet of one All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and three truck mounted drill rigs is the most capable geotechnical and environmental drilling organization based in central Iowa.