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Code compliance assurance mandated by the International Building Code.

Our building inspectors are experts in soils, reinforced concrete, structural steel, structural masonry, wood framing, fireproofing, firestopping, and energy efficiency. We have the knowledge and training that certifies that expertise.

The Building Department will let you know what Special Inspections are required by them or the Architect/Engineer. Special inspections do not need to be initiated by the Building Department. You can contact us to perform a special inspection on your project, in order to protect your investment from problems that occur months or years after it is completed.
As the Inspection Agent, our qualified inspectors visit the project site and prepare inspection reports, including deficiency reports, for review bt the Special Inspector. Deficiency reports are followed by immediate correction or a second inspection to assure project requirement compliance.
At the end of construciotn, we will prepare a Final Report of Construciton Inspection, required for issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

Special Inspection services include inspections on:

Special Grading, Excavation and Filling


Auger Cast Piles, Drilled Piers, Caissons, Rammed Aggregate Piers, and Helical Piers

Reinforced Concrete - Concrete materials, mix verification, reinforcing steel, pre-placement preparation, onsite water control, placement and curing, and continuous slab-on-grade inspection to reduce crackingduring curing

Structural Masonry - mortar and groul placeement, reinforcement, flashing, weep joints, and workmanship

Wood Framing - verification of lumber species and grade, inspection of engineered wood elements, connection inspection, plate-connected wood truss fabrication, installation and bracing.

Structural Steel Welding - fabrication shop review, field erection, connection inspection, and field modification review.

High Strength Bolting - test bolting assemblies verifying fasteners meet minimum bolt tension specifications.

Non-destructive Testing and Welder Certification



Energy Efficiency - compliance with IECC code and COMChecks if available.

Miscellaneous Special Inspection Services:

Contractor Quality Control Services

Batch Plant Inspection

Pile Driving

Post-Tensioned Concrete

Precast Concrete - fabrication, installation, grouting, and topping.


Caulking Sealants

Bolts in Concrete with Increased Stresses

Special Moment-Resisting Concrete Frames

Epoxied Anchors


Wood Moisture Testing

Sound Transmission Testing